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This page contains a brief description of software prototypes I/we have built to address problems in industry and questions in academia.


A tool to verify interaction test coverage in large databases. Click here.


A tool to generate test sequences that cover all T-wise interactions between classes in a classification tree model and all R-wise interactions between the generated configurations (that cover T-wise interactions between classes). Click here


A tool to generate to generate test cases for classification tree models that cover all T-wise interactions between classes. Click here.

Reasoning Engine Prototype

A simple Alloy based reasoning engine standalone component. This OSGi component can be plugged into self-adaptive system to map a context configuration to a system configuration. The user will need to know Alloy to define rules. Click here to download.


Avishkar is Invention in Hindi. This prototype generates software products conforming to a software product line. For instance, it can generate all products that satisfy the pairwise interaction criteria for factor analysis in a software product line. Click here to download.


The tool is built to transform various sources of knowledge to guide automatic design space exploration in a modelling domain. The applications of this tool include test model generation and completion of partial models. From a technical viewpoint the tool accepts Ecore metamodels as input and produces XMI output. Click here to download and install.

Metamodel Pruner

Metamodels such as the UML metamodel is often oversized. The entire metamodel is often not required for specific modelling tasks. For instance, when creating an UML State Machine we do not need to use the Activity Diagram subset of UML. The metamodel pruner takes as input a set of required types and properties in a metamodel and generates a pruned metamodel with the required types, properties and its obligatory dependencies. Click here to download and install.


A lightweight dynamically adaptive architecture using Python. Currently, Girgit has been used to realize a dynamically adaptive vision system. Click here to access the wiki and download it.

ATL Model Transformation Standalone Command-Line

This compact Java JAR file, downloadable here, packages a standalone version of a full-fledged model transformation engine called ATL developed by the group ATLANMOD. One of the applications of this CLI version of ATL would be to execute transformations in parallel on several machines.