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Sagar Sen

Senior Research Scientist, Secure IoT Systems, SINTEF Digtal

PhD (Informatique), Institut National de Recherche en Informatique et en Automatique/Université de Rennes 1, France, 2010

M.Sc. (CS), McGill University, Montréal, Canada, 2006

B.E. (CSE), VTU, India, 2003

Address: SINTEF Digital, Forskringsveien 1, Oslo, Norway

Phone: +47 45276936

Email: sagar.sen at sintef dot no

Administrative manager:

Veronika Wilmann

Phone: +47 47487933

Email: veronika.wilmann dot sintef dot no

Brief Biography

Sagar Sen is a Senior Research Scientist (2020 -) at the Secure IoT systems group in SINTEF Digital, Norway. He is currently involved in two European Industry 4.0 projects on the factories of the future: InterQ and Data4.0. His main focus in these projects is to improve data quality from the observation of the manufacturing process. Our ultimate aim is zero defet manufacturing which addresses UN's sustainability goal 12 which is to ensure responsible consumption and production patterns and UN's sustainability goal 9 to promote sustainable industrialization. Preivously, he has been a Senior Research Scientist (2018-2020) and Research Scientist (2012-2018) at Simula Research Laboratory (SRL), Oslo within the Certus Centre SFI with a focus of Software Verification and Validation. He co-founded Sweetzpot AS in 2015 a startup that develops and sells sensors and real-time feedback apps for health and sports. He held a visiting position at the Cancer Registry of Norway in (2015-2016). In France, he was a postdoctoral fellow at Ecole des Mines, Nantes between September, 2011 and August 2012 with Team ATLANMOD on "Automatic Testing of Model Transformations". He also was a postdoctoral fellow at INRIA Sophia-Antipolis between June 2010- July 2011 within team PULSAR. He earned a PhD (2007-2010) from INRIA Rennes supervised by Jean-marc Jezequel, Benoit Baudry and co-supervised by Hans Vangheluwe from McGill University, Canada. He graduated as a Master of Science (2004-2006) from the School of Computer Science, McGill University, Montreal with the help of a Canadian Commonwealth Scholarship. Before this he obtained a Bachelors degree (1999-2003) in Computer Science and Engineering from Bangalore University, India. He worked as a research assistant at JNCASR (2003-2004) in Dr. Sundaram Balasubramanian’s lab. Here he built Beowulf clusters for molecular dynamics simulations and developed tools to visualize molecules (see my cover art on JPC-B). He has also been a freelance patent examiner for Global Prior Art Inc. (on and off since 2004).

Download my Long CV (23 April, 2020)

Areas of Research

Broadly speaking, my research is about validating real-world software systems using a combination of theory, methodology and algorithms from model-driven engineering, lightweight formal methods, (nonlinear) time series analysis, combinatorial interaction testing, interactive visualization, graph databases, and artificial intelligence. My current interest is in validating and explaining decisions made by deep learning systems that have had a significant impact in our lives in recent years. My work involves work with academics and I collaborate with industrial partners in many of my projects. The type of systems I have worked with are as follows:

Manufacturing Systems: Additive manufacturing systems like 3D printers and subtractive manufacturing systems such as laser cutters, CNC machines need to be observed and corrected to ensure zero defect manufacturing. My research in the projects InterQ and Data4.0 is to develop and test an erroneous data repair system that ensures a continuous stream of high quality data from sensors observing the manufacturing process.

Internet of Things (IoT) Systems: “Anything that can be connected, will be connected”. By 2025, it is estimated that more than 75 billion devices will be connected on the IoT generating colossal streams of time series data characterising the dynamics of complex real-world phenomena. I have been involved in the development of IoT systems used for the breathing and sport of rowing. The robust design of wearable IoT systems is not easy given the highly uncertain environments they operate within. My research is about validating decisions and predictions made by IoT systems in real-world conditions.

Socio-technical Systems: When technology and software systems can change peoples' behaviour then the boundaries of a system extends beyond the confines of computing infrastructure and becomes a socio-technical system. For instance, the software systems for cervical cancer prevention in Norway consists of data about every screening exam (cytology, HPV, CIN1, CIN2, CIN3 etc.), vaccination, and cancer case in Norway. This personal data is used to invite women in age group (25-69 years) to a screening exam and take action against cervical cancer. My work entailed creating software interventions such as, FightHPV, in a socio-technical system and interactively visualization the paths people take in a socio-technical system using tools like Portinari to understand effects of interventions.

Data-intensive Systems: When relatively simple software systems manage colossal amounts of data, we are in the realm of data-intensive systems. For instance, the directorate of Norwegian Customs and Excise is based on TVINN, a data-intensive system where customs rules and regulations are stored in a database and also every custom declaration made in Norway. My research has been about validating data-intensive systems by modelling and discovering faulty interactions in them at a very high speed (Depict).

Self-adaptive Systems: Self-adaptivity is the capability of the system to adjust its behaviour in response to the environment. For instance, a computer vision system is self-adaptive when it can change its vision components to better identify objects in a low-light setting. These systems exhibit a very high level of variability. My research in this field been about using combinatorial interaction testing to evaluate the performance of self-adaptive systems.

Model-driven Software Systems: Model-driven engineering (MDE) focuses on creating/generating software systems from domain models. My research entails developing model-driven engineering tools to create domain models and develop model transformations to generate executable code. I have also worked with validating model transformations.

Research Group

Postdoctoral Fellows

Tomas Ruiz Lopez (2015-2018) Cancer Registry of Norway

Graduate Students

Gutama Ibrahim (2020), University of Tromsø, Norway

Sondre Hamnvik (Master of Science, January 2019- ), University . of Oslo

Erik Johannes B. L. G. (Master of Science, January 2019- ), University . of Oslo

Pooja More (Master of Science, April 2015- August 2017), University of Oslo

Anne Silje Løvehaugen (Master of Science, April 2017- August 2017), University of New Castle

Waqas Moazzam, University of Oslo (Master of Science, January 2014- June 2015)

Marek Machnik, University of Oslo (Master of Science, January 2014- June 2015)

Davlet Dzhakishev, University of Oslo (Master of Science, January 2013- Dec 2014)

Santiago Hurtado (Master of Science, July 2010-January 2011)


Gutama Ibrahim (2020), University of Tromsø, Norway

Manoel Ribeiro (2016-2017), Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, Brazil

Yuanrui Li (Summer 2015), Oslo School of Architecture and Design, Norway

Waqas Moazzam (Summer 2015), University of Oslo, Norway

Research Trainee

Arnab Sarkar (Research Trainee 2013 -2014), Simula Research Laboratory

[email protected]

Håvard Bjor (2015-), CEO

Trygve Laugstol (2018-), CTO

Yuanrui Li (2015-), Chief of Design

Petter Nygaard (2018-), Business Developer

Mael Bordaas, (2016-2017), Marketing Intern

Christoph Vogl (2017-2018), Sports Tech Intern

Arne Laugstol (2015-2018), ex-CTO

Stener Hansen (2017-2018), Digital Marketing Lead

Mathilde Jean (2017-2018), Android Developer

Heng Du (Fall 2016), Intern

Torjus Dahle (2016-2017), Intern

Tomas Ruiz Lopez (2015-2018) Senior Android and iOS Developer

Marcus Noack (2014-2016), Applied Mathematics & Physicist

Awards and Fellowships

2018 Finalist of Best AI/Machine Learning Start-up, Nordic Start-up Awards, Norway

2018 Winner, Norwegian Coastal Rowing Championships in Men’s Four with Coxswain, Norway

2017 Winner Sports Tech World Cup -Wearable Category, Helsinki, Finland

2017 Finalist of Best IoT Start-up, Nordic Start-up Awards, Norway

2017 Runner-up, Cancer Registry of Norway Grand Prix, Norway

2016, Best Poster Award, Humanpapillomavirus Conference, Cape Town South Africa

2016 Bronze medal, World Rowing Masters Regatta, Copenhagen, Denmark

2009 Silver medal, French University Coastal Rowing Championships, St. Malo, France

2009 Gold medal in single sculls, Rowing Championships of Bretagne, Rennes, France

2007-2009 3 Gold medals in Lightweight Men’s Indoor Rowing Championships, Bretagne, France

2005-2006 Quebec Graduate Award, McGill University, Canada

2005 Gold medal, McGill-Queen’s novice boat race, Canada

2005-2006 Dean’ Honours List, McGill University, Canada

2004-2006 Commonwealth Fellowship, School of Computer Science, McGill University, Canada

Institutional Responsibilities

2019 -present Mentor, Oslo Business Region, an Oslo Green Capital Initiative

2019 – present Chairman of Board, Oslo Global Choir, Norway

2015-present Member of Board, Sweetzpot AS, Norway

2016-present Head Coach and Member of Board, Oslo Rowing Club, Norway

2018-present Artistic Committee Member, Cafeteatret World Choir, Norway

2015-2016 Elected Safety Delegate Member, Simula Research Laboratory, Norway

2007-2008 VP of Communication and board member, Rennes Étudiant Club-Aviron, Rennes, France

Commissions of Trust

2015-2020 Program Committee (PC) Member, International Symposium on Software Reliability Engineering

2016, 2019 PC Member, International Conference on Software Engineering & Industrial Practice

2019 PC Member, International Conference on Conceptual Modelling, Salvador, Bahia, Brazil

2019 PC Member, International Workshop on Conducting Empirical Studies in Industry and International Symposium on Software Reliability Engineering

2019 Panel Member, AI4Industry, Palais de Tokyo, Paris, France

2019 PC Member, International Workshop on Transforming the Digital Customer Experience

2017 Panel Member, MusicLab Vol 2.: Breathing, University of Oslo, Norway

2016-2018 PC Member, International Conference on Software Analysis, Evolution, Reengineering

2017-2018 PC Member, International Workshop on Software Engineering Research and Industrial Practice

2016 PC Member, International Conference on Advanced Information Systems Engineering Forum

2013-2016 PC Member, International Conference on Software Quality

2012 PC Member, International Symposium on Software Reliability Engineering: Student Papers Track

Teaching Activities

10/2020 Anonymization and Re-identification risk analysis at the Cancer Registry of Norway, INF5130 Guest Lecture at the University of Oslo

03/2019 Modelling your breathing, Valler High School, Oslo, Norway

03/2018 Finding purpose with informatics - Norges Realfagsgymnas Ungdomsskole, Sandvika, Norway

2012-2015 Organizer and Mentor – Open Courses in Software Verification and Validation for the Norwegian Software Industry (750-person hours), Certus Centre, Simula Research Laboratory, Norway

2011-2012 Instructor, Object-oriented programming, École des Mines, Nantes, France

Winter 2007 Teaching Assistant, McGill University, Canada



1. Sagar Sen, Automatic Effective Model Discovery: Towards Synthesis of Effective Software Artifacts, 2010

Refereed Journal Publications

16. Tomas Ruiz Lopez, Sagar Sen, Elisabeth Jakobsen, Amelie Trope, Philip Castle, Bo Tsering Hansen, Mari Nygård, FightHPV: Design and Evaluation of a Mobile Game to Raise HPV Awareness and Nudge People to Take Action against Cervical Cancer, Journal of Medical Internet Research, 2019 (To Appear)

15. Wagner, Stefan et. al. Status Quo in Requirements Engineering: A Theory and a Global Family of Surveys, ACM Transactions on Software Engineering and Methodology, ACM Transactions of Software Engineering, 2019

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Invited Talks

  1. Invited Talk, Should artificial intelligence be part of your strategy? Klosser Innovation, Hedmark County, Norway
  2. Invited panelist, Breathing Measurement in Singing, 27 May 2019 , Den Norsk Opera, Oslo, Norway
  3. Invited Keynote Speaker and panelist, AI & IoT, European AI Night, 18 April 2019, Palais de Tokyo, Paris
  4. Invited mentor and panelist, MusicLab vol. 2: Breathing, April 9, 2018, RITMO Center of Excellence, University of Oslo
  5. Invited speaker, Introduction to real-time feedback in rowing, 26 January, 2018, National Coaches Forum, Norwegian Rowing Federation, Olympiatoppen, Oslo, Norway
  6. Invited speaker, Gamification to nudge our society towards better health: FightHPV Demo, 5 December, 2016, Ministry of Health, CIDRZ, Zambia
  7. Invited Speaker, Portinari: Interactive Visualization of Future Patient Trajectories in Cervical Cancer Screening, 23 September, 2016, Lawrence Livermore National Lab Visit, Oslo Cancer Cluster, Oslo
  8. Invited speaker, Modelling and Verifying Data Quality, 26 November, 2014, Department of Systems and Computing, Universidad de Los Andes, Bogota, Colombia
  9. Invited speaker, Gamification of Scientific Evidence, 25 November 2014, Universidad de Paula Santander II, Cucuta, Colombia.
  10. Invited speaker, Surgical Treatment of Industrial Problems using Lightweight Formal Methods Laboratoire d’informatique de Nantes Atlantique, Université de Nantes
  11. Invited speaker, Automatic Effective Model Discovery, 2010, Politecnico di Milano
  12. Invited speaker, Automatic Exploration of Variability in Software, 2010, INRIA Sophia-Antipolis


6. Sagar Sen, Tomas Ruiz Lopez, Mari Nygård, FightHPV: A Game to Raise HPV Awareness and Nudge People to Take Action Against Cervical Cancer in Norway, HPV 2017

5. Adebola Adedimeiji, , Sharon Kapambwe, Sagar Sen, Mari Nygård, Using mobile games as an educational platform to promote human papillomavirus vaccination and improve sexual health in Zambian adolescents, HPV 2017

4. Manoel Ribeiro, Sagar Sen, Mari Nygård, Portinari: An Interactive Visualization Tool To Explore Alternative Patient Paths in Cervical Cancer Screening, HPV 2017

3. Sagar Sen, Manoel Ribeiro, Mari Nygård, Portinari: Communicating Personalized Risk in Cervical Cancer Screening using Data. Proceedings of the American Association of Cancer Research on Improving Cancer Risk Prediction for Prevention and Early Detection – Poster Session B, November 2016

2. Sen. S, Waqas Moazzam Butt, Trude Andersson, Mari Nygård, Scientific Hangman to Gamify the Understanding of Cervical Cancer Screening Reminder Letters, Conference: 30th International Papillomavirus Conference & Clinical Workshop (HPV 2015), At Lisbon, Portugal

1. Sen. S., Baudry B., Cartier: A Tool For Automatic Model Discovery, MDD4DRES Summer School 2009 

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BHEEMA : Beowulf Cluster Construction Manual (2004)

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